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  • October 08,2020
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What is neuromarketing?

NEUROMARKETING is a digital marketing trend which is quickly becoming a powerful tool for digital marketers to use within the VERY near future.

For those of you who might not know, neuromarketing is actually analysing measurements of a person’s brain activity to work out which sorts of content are ENGAGING to them.

Creating digital marketing materials (such as your website, email campaigns, social content, ads, etc) to induce specific neurological reactions in your target consumer

This information of triggered emotions/responses is often employed by marketers to regulate strategies and optimize their content appropriately, hence improving their marketing effectiveness.

A neuroanalytics company that's a pacesetter during this domain is SPARK Neuro. They utilise biometrics, neurometrics, and sophisticated algorithms, to live emotion and a spotlight levels.

This then allows digital marketers to regulate their advertising and entertainment, assisting them in deciding what content to concentrate their efforts on, and what to avoid.

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